Code of Conduct

MC emballage Code of Conduct for Suppliers


The MC emballage Vision and Core Values support a strong commitment to economic, environmental and socially sustainable development. We strongly believe it is in the mutual interest of both our self and our suppliers to meet the present and future requirements of our markets and society. This is done by demonstrating responsibility towards the people taking part in the manufacture of products or services, which enable MC emballage to be a national leader within our core businesses.

In order to make our position clear to you as our supplier, we have set up this MC emballage Code of Conduct. It is a non-negotiable requirement on our side that our suppliers with whom we have, or are considering negotiating agreements of cooperation, should comply with this code.

It is our intention to maintain this Code of Conduct in a spirit of constructive dialogue and in partnership with our suppliers, to our mutual benefit.

MC emballage' general demands of suppliers

We wish to establish that our suppliers have the following rights and responsibilities:

General Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the supplier to take all relevant and necessary initiatives and measures to ensure the highest possible degree of compliance with this code, without undue delay.

It is also the responsibility of the supplier to present MC emballage with all relevant information and documentation without undue delay. This will enable MC emballage to monitor the supplier's compliance with this code through dialogue, questionnaires, systematic reporting, site audits or whatever means of verification and control MC emballage chooses to apply. The supplier is solely responsible for the costs of complying with this code and for providing information and documentation.

If the supplier's negligence or intentional lack of compliance with this code causes direct loss of sales or revenue for MC emballage, MC emballage may demand settlement of damages. MC emballage can withdraw from the business relationship with immediate effect.


If our suppliers use subcontractors/sub-suppliers for production for MC emballage, the supplier is responsible for ensuring that the subcontractor/sub-supplier complies with this Code of Conduct. Our supplier shall on request inform MC emballage which subcontractors/sub-suppliers they use.


For general questions or comments on the MC emballage Code of Conduct for suppliers, please contact your contact person at MC emballage.

Child Labour

MC emballage respects the children's right to development and education. Therefore we do not support child labour, meaning that we do not use children as a work force in production. This also applies to our suppliers. Child labour is defined as full-time work done by children younger than 15 years of age or younger than the age of completing local compulsory school. However, the local legal minimum age for full-time employment must never be violated.

In special circumstances, employment of minors is possible, but only when local conditions make it necessary to employ minors in order to protect the minor and ensure his or her rights and development. This means that work done by children younger than the age limit defined above, will only be tolerated if it is not full-time work, and if education is provided at the same time. In all of these cases, employment should take place in close cooperation and dialogue with the family of the minor, as well as with approved international or national agencies that safeguard the interests of minors.

This means that child labour will only be tolerated, if it is not full time work, and if education is provided at the same time.

Full time child labour in relation with education such as trainee employment, can be accepted for shorter periods of time (International Labour Organisation C138, article 6).


MC emballage respects cultural differences and does not want to cooperate with suppliers who practice discrimination at work by race, religion, age, nationality, or sexual orientation. The employees of our suppliers must not be exposed to any physical punishment, threats of violence or physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or maltreatment.

Forced Labour

Forced or involuntary labour is not tolerated by MC emballage. This includes prison work, work on a forced contract, slavery and other forms of work, which are done against one's will or choice. There must be no deductions in salary as a consequence of fines or penalties imposed during the execution of disciplinary punishment, unless this is done with reference to a collective agreement or permitted by law.

MC emballage does not accept employment through fee-charging employment agencies, or in any other way, which confine the employee in unreasonable debt bondage.

Hazardous work is work which, by its nature or the circumstances in which it is carried out, is likely to harm the health, safety or moral of children. International Labour Organisation R190 and C182.

Working Environment

MC emballage supports the fundamental human right to have sound working conditions. All suppliers to MC emballage must secure a good working environment which complies with national rules and laws. As a minimum:

• facilities need to comply with rules about construction security and fire alarms
• facilities need to secure light and ventilation
• all dangerous materials need to be stored in safe places
• all machinery is being maintained in a proper way
• sleeping accommodation, if used, must be clean and safe.

Working Hours and Salary

MC emballage recognises the need for a healthy balance between work and spare time for all employees. Unless the national law is different, the maximum standard working week is 48 hours per week or 60 hours per week including 12 hours' overtime work. Except in extraordinary circumstances, all workers have the right to at least one day off in a period of seven days.

Salaries for overtime work and goods shall be in accordance with the law.

The Right to Organise and Collective Bargaining

MC emballage respects the employees' right to organise and collective bargaining. This means, that also suppliers must recognise their employees' freedom to choose whether or not to associate with or establish any organisation including labour organisations.


Suppliers are expected to fulfil the obligations in the local and national law. Therefore suppliers must strive to reduce waste and emissions to air, ground and water, handle chemicals in an environmentally safe way, handle, store and dispose of hazardous waste in an environmentally safe manner, and contribute to the recycling and reuse of materials and products.

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